Wireless & Wired Networking

Most of us ‘live’ on our home broadband network. Whether it’s for using your laptop in the bedroom, reading your iPad in the library, or checking your Skype account on your smartphone in the kitchen. When you add in your wi-fi printer, AppleTV and your kid’s XBox, your wi-fi network might be supporting a dozen of more devices. And that’s just what you are using today. Who knows how many other devices you’ll be using tomorrow?

We design, install and support wired and wireless networks for global companies and single bedroom apartments around the corner. We know what it takes to get a strong signal, even in the most difficult locations. We have a huge arsenal of tools, products and ‘tricks’ to boost your signal seemingly out of thin air (actually it is out of thin air!)

We don’t stop at wi-fi. We do wired networks, bluetooth enhancements, 3G, 4G LTE, fiber optics… if it exists, we’ve done it and do it.