Mobile User Interface Control

Control your home(s) through an app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. All the power in the palm of your hand!

With an app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can have complete control over all the functionality of your home regardless of your location. Your smart home system can be manipulated and monitored with your mobile device. This includes your audio and video, lighting, HVAC, surveillance or security system.

  • Access your surveillance cameras at all of your homes
  • Control your lights and shades, set scenes and shade levels
  • Full control of your HVAC in all your homes–no matter where you are
  • Use your mobile phone as a remote to control your TVs
  • Select what you want to listen to in your iTunes library or on Pandora
  • Unlock your front door in your home upstate for your aunt while sitting poolside in Florida

You are always connected and in control.