Lighting & Climate Control

Clean up your light-switch-wall-acne by adding centralized lighting control to your home. Without individual light switches, walls look sleek and clean. Use a keypad, handheld remote, touchscreen, smartphone or tablet in place of the switch. In fact, you’ll have much more control, including access to your home system from anywhere in the world. Let’s talk examples:  Click “Dinner” to dim lights to the perfect level for a meal. As you run out of the house, click “All Off” to turn main lights off and select door and corridor lights on. Our Lighting Systems are installed wirelessly. Now you can ‘paint’ your rooms with beautiful, brilliant lighting moods, one room at a time, or in every space in your environment, at the touch of a single button.

Climate Control

Get control of your thermostat from the palm of your hand. You are returning on Sunday night to your apartment in the city after a weekend in the Hamptons. Adjust your AC while driving by using your smartphone or tablet. Get your apartment to the perfect temperature for for your arrival. Why stop at the temperature? Start the hot tub, adjust the rooftop pool, set the humidity, open a skylight… It’s control, it’s energy savings, and it’s just plain smart.

Shade Control

Get your shades on your schedule. Save energy, add privacy, reduce sun damage to your art and fabrics. And live better. It’s 6AM on Monday morning and the shades in your bedroom begin their ascent. They are programmed this way because you like the sun to help wake you in the morning. Later that evening, your shades go down to set the scene for an epic night’s sleep. Program scenes and change them easily with your smartphone or tablet. Very smart.