Access Control, Security & CCTV

We have partnered with premier consulting, investigation and crisis management firms specializing in threat management, risk assessments and security solutions for high-net-worth individuals and major corporations. They offer security that extends far beyond the traditional to create a framework for total peace of mind by protecting human, financial and physical assets.

Merging RCS’s decades of security experience with our intimate knowledge and know-how of all things technology creates an unbreakable security shield for you, your family and your business.

Smart Door Locks

This is one of our favorite products. Let us install automated smart locks in your home and you will always know who is coming and going. Take it one step further and set up your system to email you every time someone opens the door. This is great for intruders and sneaky teenagers alike. Grant access for the Nanny or the repairman. You can double-check that you locked the front door, and if you didn’t, lock it without getting out of bed from your iPhone, even if your bed is 5000 km away.

Video Surveillance

Check who is at your front door or gate with an IP camera from your phone before remotely unlocking your door or gate to grant access. Check the weather at your beach home by accessing your own roof camera that overlooks the ocean. If you have multiple properties, you can link them together with one app to keep control comfortably and easily. Dream up your security and surveillance scheme and we’ll make it a reality.